Teenagers often pose as if they know what they ought to but educational statistics prove otherwise. They may not get to learn some of the most fundamental life skills that they need while in school and so it is essential that they get to know these things while at home. Here are just but a few of the basic life skills that every teenager needs to live a healthy and succeed life as an adult.

The first thing teens should know is the value of money. Parents who offer every whim their teen request do not help much when it comes to teaching what money means, how difficult it is to earn it, the importance of saving for what you wish to buy or ultimately preceding it for something much more important.Read more from education lifeskills

You need to sensitize your teen concerning the taxes, tips for saving, as well as how to balance a checkbook. You also need to let them know how to budget however little they get. The easiest way to get this straight for the first time is by using the 10-10-80 model. Get your earnings, save 10 percent, offer 10 percent to charities and church offerings and budget for the remaining 80 percent. If your teen sticks by this rule, he or she will be ahead of the rest of the peers. Read more here life skills curriculum

Your teen needs to learn how to cook, clean and do laundry. Your teen will find these skills valuable no matter where they live, works or schools. They might get used to ordering meals and other fast foods, but a good parent will sensitize his or her children the need to cook for themselves. It is healthy. Your lovely teen should not run washing machine all the time. That is, to a greater extent, wasting of money. You need to help your teen when it comes to managing time - they may claim that they don't have sufficient time to do all these.

You need to train your teen to be polite and avoid slang. Please, thank you, how do you do, nice to meet you, and I'm sorry are some of the basics that a teen ought to know. It is soothing to have your teenage saluting you with 'hello' or expressing their gratitude, just a 'thank you' gesture that will mean a lot to every parent. It is respect. These are some of the things that interviewers are keen on, and they can take your loved one to far places. When it comes to business dealing, addressing conferences, dealing with your employer - name them; courteous language is the order of the day.

What is more is that teens ought to learn on how to maintain their hygiene. Clean their hair, teeth, nails and everything else. It will boost their self-esteem, enhance their mental attitudes, as well as improve the overall state of health of your teen, irrespective of socio-economic background you associate with. Soap and water are one of the least expensive ways to take care of teen skin and prevent or treat acne.

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These are some of the basic life's skills that you need to instill in your teen.